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AKLYS Defense Hawker Sub GUN and Hunting Suppressor

Brand: AKLYS Defense
Product Code: Hawker-9/45
Availability: 10000

Price: $799.00

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Superior sound suppression for high volume full auto fire!

This suppressor is full auto rated for 9mm (& subsonic 300BLK) and .45ACP at any barrel length. Can also be used for supersonic .300blk (10"+barrel), .308, 5.56,.243,.260 (16"+barrel) for hunting or light usage.

Interchangeable Multi Mount adapters available to allow use on full size UZI as well as most sub guns. Our UZI mount replaces the UZI barrel nut.


Type 3 hard anodized 7075 aluminum core and aluminum body for light weight and extreme durability

Unique Aklys Defense monocore with stainless mounts and blast chamber design for easy cleaning

Calibers: 9mm or .45.

Length: 9 3/4" for 9mm , 11" for .45

OD: 1 3/4"

Weight: 9mm is 21oz. .45 is 22oz.

Mounts Available: 1/2X28, 1/2X36, 16mmX1 Left-hand (Kriss Vector), 5/8X24 (300BLK), Aklys QD, 3/4x10 (MAC 10/11)

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