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AKLYS Defense Pilum 9K 9mm Pistol and Sub-GUN Suppressor

Brand: AKLYS Defense
Product Code: Pilum-9
Availability: 9998

Price: $565.00

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The Aklys Defense Compact Pilum 9K 9mm Mono-core pistol suppressor is manufactured utilizing 7075 aerospace aluminum that has been fully Mil-Spec Type III Hard Coat anodized providing a lifetime of suppressor use. The Pilum suppressor design uses a 3 piece user serviceable system for ease of cleaning and requires NO special tools for disassembly. The 7075 T-6 mono-Core of the Pilum, with its integrated decoupling system for use on tipping breach pistols, gives us the ability to offer a robust suppressor at an aggressive price point. There are also a plethora of mount options for fixed barrels pistols and carbines. (DO NOT use the LID decoupler on a fixed barrel gun).

The Pilum suppressor has been optimized for excellent sound reduction while being extremely light weight and still maintaining its durability, giving you a long lasting suppressor for a lifetime of use and enjoyment. The Pilum may be fired “wet” for ultimate sound reduction but do not store it “wet” with any water based wetting agent. For best suppression results use subsonic loads to avoid the supersonic crack once the bullet has left the muzzle. The Pilum is Full-Auto rated for all 9mm or smaller diameter handgun cartridges. The Pilum suppressor is also rated to handle .38 Special, .357 magnum, .357sig and subsonic 300BLK.

Each NFA item requires a $200 tax stamp.


  • Dimensions: Diameter 1 3/8”,   Length 6.1”
  • Sound Performance: Under 136Db
  • Weight: 5.2 Oz.
  • Finish: Type III Hard Coat anodized aluminum
  • Available LID Pistol Mount: 1/2 X 28 or 13.5X1mm LH Nitrided 4140 ordinance Steel
  • Fixed Mounts: 1/2X28, 5/8X24, 1/2X36, 16.5X1mm LH, 16X1mm LH, 18X1 , Aklys QD( comes with one brake ), HK Three lug, UZI , MAC and many custom sizes are available (contact Aklys Defense about your application)

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